Welcome to the 2012 Republican Platform Collaboration Site

Join the effort to significantly influence the 2012 National Platform of the Republican Party and help Republicans win elections.  Each issue we consider will be published as a blog post or web page where the comments can be utilized to collaborate on the proposed resolutions/platform planks.  Our shared goal is to work across the party to find commonality on the most important and critical issues of our day.  We will not agree on everything, but together we can find ways to take back the White House and US Senate, and to strengthen the GOP in the House.  God bless the United States of America!

Your comments will have more influence if you identify yourself, your party affiliation and whether you are a state or national delegate/alternate.  We encourage broad participation and will utilize this site to submit the comments, evolution of the plank verbiage and final output to the national platform committee members.  For this reason please keep the writing and comments professional, civil and respectful. This is a public forum and we are representing not only ourselves, but our party and our constituents.