Bricker Amendment

Proposed Text for Platform Plank:

The United States continues to cede authority to international organizations. The ability to decide our fate as a nation must remain with the American people. Accordingly, we call for the enactment of the “Bricker Amendment”:

Section 1. No treaty of executive agreement shall be made respecting the rights of citizens of the United States protected by this Constitution or abridging or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Section 2. No treaty or executive agreement shall vest in any international organization or in any foreign power any of the legislative, executive, or judicial powers vested by this Constitution in the Congress, the President, and in the courts of the United States, respectively.

Section 3. No treaty or executive agreement shall alter or abridge the laws of the United States or the Constitution of laws of the several unless, and then only to the extent that, Congress shall so provide by joint resolution.

Section 4. Executive agreements shall not be made in lieu of treaties.

Executive agreements shall, if not sooner terminated, expire automatically one year after the end of the term of office for which the President making the agreement shall have been elected, but the Congress may, at the request of any President, extend for the duration of the term of such President the life of any such agreement made or extended during the next preceding Presidential term.

The President shall publish all executive agreements except that those which in his judgment require secrecy shall be submitted to appropriate committees of the Congress in lieu of publication.

Section 5. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Proposed by

  • Todd Crowder
  • Georgia State Delegate/Alternate