Government is Not Empowered to Define “Life”

All human rights derive from the premise that we are alive.  Inalienable rights may not be taken from us by government without due process.  Debating when life begins or ends in a legal, medical or religious context risks implying the government has the authority to define when life begins and ends.  This is not the case, regardless of existing precedent to the contrary.  A human body that is not alive is a corpse and has no rights. Allowing government to define life’s beginning and end is the power to declare a person to be a corpse and no longer endowed with rights, nor entitled to due process.  An arbitrary government definition of death exposes each of us to a tyrannical suspension of our rights, such as the case of a coma patient.  To protect ourselves from being declared a corpse, government must never be granted, explicitly nor implicitly, the ability to define life’s beginning nor its end.  We must then on principal declare We The People must declare on principal that life begins at conception and ends at natural death.  This is not a religious statement, not a medical claim nor a legal definition.  This is the philosophy of human life.  By extension, at conception the unborn human is alive and entitled to all the rights our Creator bestows upon each of us.  This means abortion is murder unless it is self-defense.  We must undo all laws that attempt to reduce or eliminate human rights based on arbitrary points on the human timeline that occur between conception and natural death.


Proposed by

  • Troy Christensen
  • Alternate Delegate from Texas to the Republican National Convention

You can visit the GOP’s Platform Site and second this proposal using this link.