Legislative Process Reform

Proposed planks:

  1. Any law passed whose estimated cost is more than $10 billion (pick a number) needs to be implemented on a trial basis for 2 years to prove it accurately reflects costs/benefits.
  2. Every law passed must have associated goals, benefits and costs. Every law needs to also include a mandatory review of x years and if the goals are not met, then the law is automatically removed.
  3. No law shall be made that includes non-related provisions.  Every law must stand on its own and be voted on separately.


  1. Massively expensive legislation like Obamacare needs to be implemented on a trial basis and reviewed to makes sure the law works as intended and that the cost estimates were accurate.  The lies about the cost of legislation need to stop.
  2. Look at the Dept. of Energy whose mission was/is to reduce dependency on foreign oil.  They have a skyrocketing budget and have done nothing to reduce dependency on foreign oil.  Laws need to have clear goals and estimated costs and benefits.  If these are not met, there needs to be an easy way to remove the law, rather than grow bureaucracy.
  3. Separation of laws and regulations Justification for Proposal: The bills introduced in the Senate or Congress include compromises and quid pro quo regulations.  This needs to stop. Law makers need to be seen and judged on their voting record.  Keeping the bill provisions separate should make it easier to see this deter burying non-related items in legislation.

Proposed By:

  • Bill Wetherbee
  • Texas Republican