Transition Airport Security from the TSA to Private Airlines and Airports

The services provided by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at airports across the country have become a national embarrassment, not to mention a health hazard with the introduction of body scanner technology.  Our country was founded in a revolution for freedom, and our government was established to secure the blessings of liberty.  Our government’s primary function is the preservations of our liberties.  The attempt at providing security and safety from terrorists at airports has trampled our liberties.  Security services are secondary to preserving our freedoms.  When a choice between the two is thought to be necessary, it’s best to remember those who sacrifice liberty for security, deserve neither.  It is time to move beyond the knee-jerk reaction to the terrorist attack over a decade ago and implement more effective security solutions that preserve our liberties.

The Republican plan is to abolish the TSA and transition airport security to the private airlines and airports, where it belongs.  The transition must provide the necessary time to allow for airlines and airports to prepare to standup when the TSA stands down.  The reasons to transition to the private sector are many, including the following:

  • The private sector will be more cost effective, and the cost burden of security will be lifted from the taxpayers and transitioned to air travel customers, where it belongs.  Overall costs will be reduced, and government costs will be eliminated.
  • Competition among airlines and airports will encourage the best security services with the least amount of delay, intrusion, discomfort and risk to passengers, who are their customers.  Government has no incentive to please customers.
  • Any failures by the airlines and airports to provide adequate security will leave responsibility clearly where the failure occurs.  Today should any attack be successful, the airlines can blame the TSA and the TSA can blame the airlines, leaving no one accountable the all of us less safe.

We call for this transition to be complete within two to three years.