Banning Indefinite Detentions (NDAA of 2012)

Proposed language:

“While we strongly support our military and our troops in harms way, we cannot allow the sacrifice of our essential liberties to an over reaching federal government.  We support the U.S. District Court’s ruling to block section 1021 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that allowed for the indefinite military detention of US Citizens.  We affirm the Bill of Rights and the inherent, God given rights it is meant to protect.  In order to protect these freedoms, we vehemently oppose any legislation that would attempt to usurp not only the fourth, fifth, and sixth amendment rights pertaining to lawful searches, due process, and trial by jury, but the Bill of Rights in its entirety.”

This blog and language is meant to be proposed to the 2012 Republican National Platform Committee.  It is a collaborative effort among 2012 Republican Delegates and we encourage your input in the discussion sections inside the links on the right.  Please identify yourself, your state, and your status as a delegate so that we can keep a record of the edits made and present the testimony and/or support to the 2012 platform committee.  If you are a delegate, and alternate, or an elected official if you can give us that information as well it will help lend credence to this effort.

This initial language was drafted by Justin Machacek, Alternate Delegate #2 for Texas, CD12.

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