Internet Freedom and Privacy

“The Republican Party believes that an open and free Internet is vital to economic prosperity and individual freedom.  Free speech, free press, and the ability for individuals to be secure in their communications are God given rights affirmed in the Bill of Rights and the GOP sustains that these rights extend to the worldwide web.  Republicans are determined to lead the United States and the world on the technological advances of this age.  We believe the protection of Internet access along with individual privacy online is important to the success of small and large business alike, free markets, journalistic integrity, government accountability, and confidentiality.  The inherent benefit of anonymity of users is not to be compromised for any reason, unless consented by the user; or by court order.  Additionally, the Republican party will vehemently oppose legislation that would limit any ability to freely access the internet or give the government the ability to monitor and/or record users search engine data, Internet Service Providers, social networks or similar information without strict adherence to the fourth amendment rights of Internet users.”


Please utilize the links to the right to comment in support of this proposed language to the 2012 Republican Platform Committee.  You can also suggest edits to the language, recommend where in the platform the plank could be placed, or simply “testify” in support or against the plank.  Please identify yourself as a delegate or alternate delegate along with your state and district or ‘at large’ information.

Initial Draft written by Justin Machacek, Texas Alternate Delegate #2, CD12

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