States’ Rights and Nullification

The Republican Party affirms and supports the supremacy of States’ Rights and the Rights of the People in all matters not delegated to the Federal Government by the Constitution of the United States. This includes the right of each State to judge for itself the constitutionality of all Federal laws and to nullify any Federal law or action that exceeds the powers granted to the Federal Government. Nullification by a State thus renders inoperative within that State the Federal law under contention. This irrevocable right is afforded each State because the Federal Government was created by the States. This means the Federal Government is not the final arbitrator of its power. By creating and giving the Federal Government its enumerated and limited powers, the States obviously have the power to decide if the Federal Government has exceeded its limited grant of authority.


Proposed by

  • Troy Christensen
  • Alternate Delegate from Texas to the Republican National Convention


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